Venegy Yachts is developed by the Prins van Oranje Group. The Prins van Oranje Group has over 50 years of experience in various water sports sectors. The group does both yacht brokerage and the development of marinas and water-related real estates such as boathouses and recreational homes.

The Prins van Oranje Group

The Prins van Oranje Group has a rich history. In the early seventies the Water Sports Hotel “Prins van Oranje” was established in a former poorhouse on the outskirts of Heeg. The Water Sports Hotel was soon expanded with a sailing school and the sale of 1st class boats started. From that moment on, Prins of Oranje Yacht Brokerage was a fact.

Start Retro Boats

In the early nineties, Prins van Oranje focused on importing and restoring beautifully lined, wooden classics from Scandinavia. Prins van Oranje was very successful in selling the restored, valuable boats all over the world. 

Rapsody Yachts

The Prins van Oranje Group also developed, build and sold new ‘retro classics’ at the end of the nineties under the name Rapsody Yachts. Rapsody Yachts combines the best characteristics of historic and modern classics. The boats are characterized by their elegance, speed and class. Nowadays, Rapsody Yachts is a very renowned player in the international world of luxury motor yachts.

Venegy Yachts

At the beginning of 1998, the Prins van Oranje Group started with the production of handmade, luxury boats under the name Venegy Yachts. Since 1998, Venegy Yachts has introduced various unique models. Every model is characterized by its elegant design, excellent performance and unsurpassed sailing properties. Nowadays, Venegy Yachts has become a very respectable player in the Dutch market of luxury motor yachts within the 9-15 meter segment.