The Venegy Philosophy


Venegy Yachts has a rich history. In 1998, Venegy Yachts was founded by Gerrit Venema. Alongside Rapsody Yachts, Venegy Yachts became an addition to the Prins van Oranje Group. Gerrit Venema his goal was to build luxury yachts with exceptional sailing performance and inspiring designs. His mission was successful. Nowadays, Venegy Yachts has become a very renowned player in the international world of luxury motor yachts.


Venegy Yachts is known for its stylish and sporty yachts with an exceptionally high level of comfort. During the development of the Venegy models, the owners and their guests were the main focus. The goal was to create an unforgettable experience. Venegy Yachts' mission is to build beautiful yachts that provide pleasure both during and after a sailing trip, and that mission has been very successful.